Darkness (Luxury Men's Cologne)

Darkness (Luxury Men's Cologne)

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Cologne For The Divine Masculine


Darnkenss was formulated and designed for men. This cologne is comprised of a complex blend of pure rare aromatic oils to enhance phermones and exude strength and power. The greatest and rarest gems are created under extreme sequences of pressure. Darkness is a place of uncertainity, of the unknown, and where things have not yet become clear. Darkness is a very necessary state-of-being where our greatest strengths develop into power, where our uncertainty brings our mind closer to clarity, and where our character is undergoing a transformation and preperation to reach a higher dimesion of our own self. Without Darkness, there would be no growth. And without growth, there would be no excellence.


Aromatic Description: A mystical blend of bamboo and sandalwood, wrapped in violet petals and white musk to create a magical experience.


Aromatic Notes: Top: Lemon, Saffron, Peach Mid: Violet Bottom: Amber, Sandalwood, Cedarwood


Darkness is carefully formulated with the highest quality standards for scent and longevity. Packaged in a black glass bottle with a stately gem top. Fine mist, high concentration, alchohol-free. Created by hand in small batches.