"To believe in yourself is to love yourself.  To love yourself, you will naturally have the tools to love the world around you so much more."

~Natural Sensation

Quality Sourced

Plant sourced luxury handmade home spa goods, skin care, personal care, & aromatherapy to enrich your lifestyle.  Carefully formulated by experts with love & care.  We believe in the balance of fine quality & reasonable pricing.  Smart packaging that is simple and effective while knowing that even the most beautiful person understands that it's what's on the inside that truly counts.  The ingredients.  The mindset.  The way that you care and the way that you feel.  

Our Candles

All of our candles are handcrafted in the central region of New York State under strict self-imposed company regulations.  All of our candles are made with 100% PURE Soy Wax which is derived as a byproduct from Soybean plants (a renewable source providing food and oxygen) that are grown in abundance and harvested in the United States of America.  We specifically only use pure soy wax in our candle making process because soy wax is environmentally clean both in it's process of being grown and used. For many years in the history of candle making, paraffin wax (a non renewable source and byproduct of crude oil that is harmful to the environment) candles with synthetic fragrances have been saturated in the predominant market of mass merchandise stores which still holds true (for now).  As times have shifted in the history of candle making, from it's crude beginnings of processing animal fats that raided the villages with the horrid stench of candle factory, evolution has progressed with the times. Once, in its early stages, candle making was a booming and prestigious career for many as it held a supreme demand for supplying light in the existence of the pre-lightbulb era. The general population needed candles as a main light source during hours of darkness, as they did not have electricity to light their homes during these times.  As history unveiled, then came oils lamps (which were much brighter and didn't stink of animal fat) and then eventually the electric light bulb. As candle making took a huge nosedive in demand for essential light and living, they have also evolved over time to preserve the art and craft as a whole in and of itself but also collectively for households everywhere to still enjoy as an essential luxury item for home decor and aromatherapy. Candles provide ambient light (to set the mood and for show), stylish home decor and accent pieces for your home (with a large range to choose from in our modern market among many candlemakers in modern times, a form of artistic expression, a well-cultured and well-developed science that has found various facets for improvement in the manufacturing process (for many candle makers), and they provide an array of pleasing scents to choose from to set the mood and enhance your senses both visually and by that of your nostrils.  Candles serve well as gifts for your home, for yourself, for your senses, for your loved ones, and for your guests to enjoy as you host with personal excellence and style. Natural Sensation is committed to making all of our candles by hand and with the most natural quality in various styles in this evolutionary process of candle making. Natural Sensation is committed to providing our 100% pure handmade soy candles to the market for anyone to enjoy, and however you choose to enjoy it. We do not discriminate against those who practice magickal or spiritual workings with our pure natural candles, as they would also be highly sufficient in such practices.

Handcrafted in America since 2016

A product of love ~ Natural Sensation

Skin Care & Personal Care

Natural Sensation skincare and personal care products are finely and carefully handcrafted in small to moderate-sized batches with purely natural and organic ingredients.  We choose to work with plant-based organic ingredients because we believe through our formulations, human testing, and stem-cell science-based research that these ingredients offer the best results while maintaining naturally optimal pro-skin health.  We formulate a full range of soaps, facial moisturizers, serums, body creams, massage oils, face washes, and other personal care products with genuine top-grade ingredients at a reasonable cost because we do not want our customers to pay for marketing or unrealistic packaging.  What matters most is the effectiveness of our formulas and the benefits that our clients will receive from using our products.

Handcrafted in America since 2016

Quality First ~ Natural Sensation


We believe in contributing toward a better world, self empowerment, global empowerment, and living with purpose. We provide access to eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and environmentally conscious goods derived from natural & organic plant sources.  Our exclusive line is available for anyone to enjoy.  Natural Sensation goods are made with quality ingredients that are sourced from around the world. At Natural Sensation, we believe in finding empowerment through self love and self care.  We believe in building, collaborating, and constructing with like-minded sources to cultivate life with light and love; because when you love life you can share it with the world.

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