Smooth Operator Hand-Dipped Incense Scent formulation back story:In the Summer of 2019 at the Herkimer Diamond Gem Show & Festival, we were selling our products among many other amazing vendors and Diamond, Gemstone, and mineral specialists.  One of our returning clients came back to visit us and she expressed how much she loved our work!  She offered us a suggestion for future consideration.  Knowing that we work with a lot of vanilla and orange blossom in our line, she suggested it would be lovely to mix vanilla and orange blossom together to create the reminiscent and familiar aroma of an orange creamsicle.  I promised her I would certainly consider her idea.  So after a while of careful thought and formulation, along came 2020 and we knew we wanted to expand our scent line to reflect those who have added value to our business.  Within reasonable accommodation, we formulated a more mature, complex, and refined version that was inspired by this woman.  And now we have come up with, "Smooth Operator".Smooth Operator is a beautifully sweet, snooty, soft scent blend with many layers. Brining together rich creamy vanilla over fresh orange blossom surrounded by subtle mid-notes of tropical coconut and a base of Australian sandalwood. A reworked and sophisticated homage to Orange Creamcicle, our valued clients, and of course the song, "Smooth Operator". Bag of 20 incense sticks. Hand-Dipped -- Soaked in premium quality aromatic oils for 7 days and 7 nights to absorb the richness of it's magical scent. Each bag of incense contains 20 sticks with profound aromatic exeprience in your home space with a long burn time for you and your guests to enjoy. ***Includes Free Shipping

Smooth Operator Hand-Dipped Incense

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