Pine Organic Body Butter


Infused with Blue Spruce & Balsam Fir Essential Oil 


Shea Butter (Grade-A -- Origin: Ghana)

Soybean Oil

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Jojoba Oil

Coconut Oil

Blue Spruce Oil

Balsam Fir Oil


Apply To Body For Supreme Skin Moisture 

-- To treat and nourish dry skin

/Healing & Hydrating

/Healthy Glow

/Skin Vitality

/Collagen & Elastin Support

/Purely Plant-Based Ingredients

/Antioxidant Rich

/High in Vitaman E

/Ideal for Prevention & Treatment of Stretch Marks

/Treats & Improves Overall Skin Complexion of the Body Areas where applied


Pure Conentrated Formula

Pine Body Butter

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