House Brew No. 9 _ Coffee & Sugar Scrub

House Brew No. 9 _ Coffee & Sugar Scrub

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House Brew No. 9 Exfoliating Coffee & Sugar Scrub


Formulated with purely natural and organic ingredients for a highly effective and natural skin care exfoliation. 


Excellent for both the Face and Body!


Alcohol-Free, Non-Toxic, All Natural Formula


Infused with Coffee + Sugar + Grapeseed & Olive Oil

Plus Peppermint Essential Oil for a boost of freshness and stimulation for the skin!

Dark Cocoa Powder (skin health)


The coffee grounds contain naturally high levels of caffiene to awaken and stimulate the skin while exfoliating, which essentially promotes blood circulation to evenly tone and resurface the outer areas of skin.  Use of this scrub may enhance the natural collagen production of the skin to provide an enhanced even tone and resurfaced form to overall compliment in healthy skin cell elasticity, the natural way.


For best results, use regularly in your skin care routine along with other Natural Sensation products.