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Good Head (Face + Hair Tonic)

Good Head (Face + Hair Tonic)


Good Head | Face & Hair Treatment


100% Natural Organic Grade Skincare


  • Use: Spray it on your FACE!


  • Q: Why?


  • A: It's REFRESHING, it's COOLING, it relieves pressure from tension headaches, heat, stiffness, flushing, inflammation, and nasal decongestion from regular climate changes!


  • Use: Spray it in your HAIR!


  • Q:  Why?


  • A:  It freshens and revitalizes your scalp, opening up your hair shaft to strengthen your roots while stimulating the speed of hair growth.


This formula is designed to nourish your scalp and is excellent for detangling. 

Made to preserve and / or restore the youthful luster and strength of your hair follicles.


You might as well get it all over your FACE and your HAIR because after all... it's not just GOOD HEAD, it's EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD HEAD.


*Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Mist Reusable Bottle*

Only 4 left in stock
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