Face Wash


Made with 100% natural plant based ingredients (castile soap) and infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils (Lemon from Italy, Eucalyptus from Australia, Lavender from Bulgaria, and Peppermint from Japan) for a gentle, pure, and cleansing experience for your face.  Avoid direct contact with eyes.  



8 ounce BPA-FREE Recyclable Plastic Bottle with Pump


Full Ingredients:

`Castile Soap

`Lemon Essential Oil -- Brightens, Cleanses -- Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antibacterial

`Eucalyptus Essential Oil -- Promotes Blood Circulation for healthy skin and respiratory function

`Lavender Essential Oil -- Relaxes the skin and senses, balances pH level in skin, prevents acne

`Peppermint Essential Oil -- Cleansing, Refreshing -- Promotes Blood Circulation & Vitality


Skin Type:  Normal, Dry, Oily, Combo, Sensitive, All


Other Aspects:

~Vegan-Friendly (No animal products or byproducts)

~Quality Clinical Group Tested on Human Participants

~Essential Oil Grade(s) are Pure Therapeutic and Topical Grade derived by method of steam distillation only


Face Wash


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