Extreme Clean Face Wash

This face wash provides exactly what it claims; an extreme clean!

Formulated with plant based castile soap processed in our own lab by means of saponification and infused with key active ingredients which include:

Organic Activated Charcoal Powder (Detoxifies Skin)

Rosemary Essential Oil (Skin Restoration)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Refreshes & Enhances Nasal Decongestion)

Blood Orange Essential Oil (Cleansing, Brightening, & Antimicrobial)

Green Tea Extract (Supreme Skin Vitality & Wakefulness)

This face wash is so pure and dense that you will find a little bit goes a long way.

With longevity and highly concentrated ingredients in a pure organic formula designed to give your face the extreme clean it deserves, this will be your secret weapon to starting the day and finishing the night.  It literally erases and eradicates anything your pores will have accumulated.

8 fl oz.

Extreme Clean Face Wash

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