Eucaluptus Liquid Soap

Our signature soap collection is precisely handmade and packaged with superior quality, high-lather, ultra mositurizing gel soap and infused with pure therapeutic grade oils for an undeniably luxurious bathroom experience for your body or your hands.


Infused with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Eucalyptus Essential Oil originated from Australia to provide sensational relief for your body. 


Eucalyptus Benefits:


  • Clears Head and Chest from Congestion
  • Helps Clear Breathing
  • Disinfects
  • Sooths Skin
  • Moisturizes 
  • Provides Pain Relief 

Loved by many for it's non-drying, long lasting, clean moisturizing effects.

Certainly a high end bathroom essential.
8 oz BPA-Free plastic
Concentrated formula
Gentle and nourishing on skin

Eucalyptus Liquid Soap

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