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Embossed Ceramic Fragrance Warmer

Embossed Ceramic Fragrance Warmer


Better Homes & Gardens Embossed Ceramic Fragrance Warmer


Bringing style and versatility to traditional fragrance warmers. The Embossed Ceramic 20 watt warmer can be used to melt most jar candles, wax cubes, or fragrance oils. Remove the dish to place a jar candle on the hot plate or keep the dish on the hot plate and fill with your favorite fragrance. It gently melts the fragrance, releasing aromatic scents that fill an entire room with inviting warmth. This warmer is a soft cream color with ornate details on all sides. The fragrance warmer creates a relaxing atmosphere while giving you a safe heat source to melt your choice of fragrance wax melts (sold separately). The use of a hot plate makes this a safe way to heat your fragrance with no soot or residue. This Better Homes & Gardens Candle and Wax Warmer is perfect for adding the right amount of ambience and fragrance to any space.


Better Homes & Gardens Candle and Wax Cube Warmer:

    • Versatile, Multifunctional Warmer works with most jar candles, wax cubes, and Scent Bursts
    • No flame or soot residue
    • Safe and clean heat source
    • Easy clean up
    • Releases a soothing fragrant scent
    • Replace wax melts when fragrance is gone
    • For indoor use only
    • Jar candles, wax cubes, and Scent Bursts sold separatelY


    Instructions: Place your favorite 18 oz jar candle on the warming plate or add scented wax melts or Scent Bursts to the dish. Then turn on to enjoy your favorite fragrance.   



    For indoor use only. Caution: Hot Surfaces. Use only with wax candles in their own glass containers. Use only with wick unlit in jar candles. For use with 18 ounce wax candles. Melts scented wax cubes with the use of the decorative dish.  

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