Egyptian Amber Collectors Set


One of our highly-sought after signature scents!


Egyptian Amber is an alluring, woody fragrance with bold musk aromas. A light touch of jasmine and ozone gives way to a heart of sandalwood, leather, and earthy patchouli. Amber and musk base notes wrap up this mysterious and complex fragrance.


Set Includes:


  • 1 Egyptian Amber Shower & Bath Soap (Pure organic grade high concentration, 8 fl oz bottle)
  • 1 Face Of Egypt Exfoliating Butter: *Specifically Custom Made for this set The Face Of Egypt Exfoliating Butter is a rich plant butter (shea) blended with exotic natural oils with a fine grain exfoliant and collagen to provide a purely supple skin care add on to luxuriously enhance your vitality. Simply massage on face, neck and other areas of the body. Rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a towel. And voila! You are the born again Cleopatra.

Egyptian Amber Collectors Set

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