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Bright Eyes: Eye Serum Roller

Bright Eyes: Eye Serum Roller


Bright Eyes: Eye Serum Roller


Our most powerful and visibly corrective facial serum formula is now available as an eye serum roller for convenience in application specifically under and around the eye area to target and treat fine lines, dryness, dark circles, puffiness, and aging in a way that nourishes this sensitive area with pro-skin health and plant-based stem cells to give you new life.


Ingredients & Formulation:


Made with key essential oils
°Lavender (relaxing, pH balance)
°Lemon (brightens and cleanses)

-Collagen (to plump and tighten and aid in collagen synthesis for skin elasticity)
-Botanical Hyaluronic Acid (clinically proven to treat wrinkles and aging)
-Viaman C*** (brightens dark areas, lightens damaged areas, evens tone, fades acne scarring)
-Apricot Kernel Oil (essential vitamins and fatty acids for skin health)
-Vegetable Glycerine (providing eco-friendly plant based mositurizer and a smooth texture that absorbs nicely into the skin)
-Rose Hip Oil (anti-aging)
-Aloe Vera (cooling, natural anti-inflammatory, relief)
-Jojoba Oil (protection against further sun damage, helps conceal and lock in moisture)


Directions:  With roller pointed in a downward position, roll under and around your eyes, allowing a thin layer of the serum to absorb into your skin.  Apply as often as desired for optimal results.


Other Specifications:


Packaging: 10 ml / .34 fl oz UV Protectant Cobalt Blue Glass Roller

Vegan Friendly


100% Natural


Cruelty Free

Alcohol Free

Handmade With Love

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