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After years and years of suffering from back problems from herniated disks, degenerative joint disease, inflamed joints from DJD, the post-effects from years of overbearing obesity and joint damage from the early onset of severe head and bodily trauma at the age of 14 surviving injuries from a snowmobile accident through car accidents and the ongoing years of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual damage, there was finally a path to repair.  

Doctors said I needed back surgery.

Other doctors claimed I was "Too young for back surgery" 

I've been pushed pills and then once the opiod epidemic in the United States became an epidemic, they took away the only form of truly masked relief they could provide without any cure or soulution to my ongoing suffering and pain.

Even physical therapy wasn't helping much although it was surely a start.  And an encouragement to properly move your body to create strength where needed the most.

Chiropractic care was my next step in ascending from the tremendous setbacks of my pain.  It was, ironically, a breakthrough.  But safe and relieving for sure.

Then I've searched far and wide among my healing for something deeper.  Beneath the skin and beyond the bones and joints.

Home workouts, physical therapy, chiropractic care, yoga, and staying active contributed greatly toward the healing of my pains and ailments.

By this time, with proper nutrition and supplements incorporated into my, what I would refer to as a "cleanse" , I had grown to a clearer and lighter more natural feeling rebirth of my ability to move forward with less pain.

Although still healing, it wasnt until I began going on Spa tours that I would retreat to every so often for physical and spiritual 

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